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In the heart of Languedoc Frederick Albert established in 2011, Villa Sepia in a typical wine house South of France. Its objective is to produce excellent wines in small quantities. The thick walls of basalt this former distillery in 1824. This cellar is ideal for revealing the passion and the pursuit of artisan winemaker. The 4 hectares of old vines Carignan, Syrah, Grenache and Viognier are grown on the hills of the village of Montblanc biodynamicly without pesticides or chemicals. The plots of the area are protected by pine forest offering a wealth of biodiversity conducive to the expression of the terroir.This philosophy extends to the cellar where we dont use sulphites, any other additives, or filter our wines. The wines of Villa Sepia are intensely vibrant and invigorating and have become a byword for excellence.


About the Vigneron

Fred learned to love vines, winemaking (and wine!) at an early age helping out on his grandfathers domaine.  His grandfather was an early advocate of natural biodynamic winemaking and this left a lasting impression on Fred’s winemaking philosophy.

After a career in journalism and then in wine importation, Fred has returned to his true passion – winemaking.  Known in Montblanc as “Tick”, he has used this nickname on Villa Sépia’s distinctive wines.  Lunatick, his signature white, embraces both this nickname and the “luna” element of biodynamics – but also probably sums him up in one word.

Catherine met Fred at a wine tasting in an Irish Bar in the summer of 2017.  She fell for the wine  (the viognier)- then for Fred!- they married in April 2019 and now run La Villa Sepia together.


Our Ethos

Since the dawn of time, people been nourished by produce from the earth.

We have chosen to limit the production from our vines to ensure a quality product and to best reflect and respect our terroir. This is what nature offers you when getting to know our unique wines.

Worked biodynamically, our natural wines are grown without pesticides, harvested by hand, and made without added yeast or sulphites.  Unfiltered, unsterilized, unique.

As independent winemakers, we are proud to be members of “Vigneron Independent” and their logo is on all our bottle tops.


Working With Nature

Our vineyards nestle in the heart of the French countryside, surrounded by ancient forests of oak and pine, creating an exceptional terroir and a unique biodiversity.

Working with nature, bees are vital to help fertilise our vines. The Villa Sepia keeps several hives to aid this process and protect these valuable workers.

Lacewings are the winemaker's friend because they prey on the predators which eat the young shoots. Seeing lacewings on the vines is always reassuring.

Not using chemicals, encourages many wild flowers as well as insects amongst our vines. In the spring, false rocket, a beautiful white flower is like snow on the ground. Early summer follows with a spread of poppies.

Friends of Villa Sepia

Doing everything by hand, we rely on our friends and Wwoofers to help us make our wine the success it is.

Whether for one day, one week, or one month, they have all helped contribute to the fun and joy of working at La Villa Sepia.

If you want to experience our way of life for yourself, pop-in whilst you are in the area on holiday, stay in our gite or bed and breakfast, or sign-up through the Wwoofing progamme.

Everyone is welcome.


La Villa Sepia is proud to be referenced by Vins Naturels – the leading reference guide for natural wines


The vigneron independent charter governs our activities and we are grateful for all the support they provide


We are also delighted to have been awarded the quality mark by Sud de France – the umbrella organisation for wine tourism in the Languedoc, Occitanie

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A few snaps of La Vie at Villa Sepia


Villa Sepia
556 Avenue de Béziers, 34290 Montblanc, France

Tel: +33 (0)4 67 11 95 36
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